At orphanage:

  • Financial support to meet the educational needs of the children living in the orphanage, attending English medium schools. (Rupees 800/- per child per month includes schooling expenses and snacks)
  • Volunteers to give time to teach children in different subjects at orphanage.
  • donate to buy Solar energy, Warm clothes for winter, Bed sheets.
  • Celebration of Children’s birthdays @ Rs.750/- per child per year.


Community  Programmes:

  • Volunteers to help in giving inputs to youth who wish to apply for jobs in our community intervention programmes.
  • Resource persons to teach life skills and communicative English skills in youth skill development centers and orphanages.
  • Volunteers who can  give pep talks and awareness to college going youth on various issues that come up from time to time.
  • School awareness programmes on different environmental issues.



Community  Programmes, Financial Requirements:

  • Administrative support to run the BPO training programme.(support to 2 faculty @ 15000/- per month towards salaries and Rupees 10000/- per month towards rent and other expenses).
  • Support to women to establish small enterprises @ Rupees 8000/- to rupees 50,000/- for a small to medium enterprise .
  • Scholarships to poor meritorious students in colleges.